Inspiron Mini to appear in August at $299?

Michael Dell first showed the Inspiron Mini subnotebook back in late May, and official photos subsequently popped up on the official Dell blog, but details have remained scarce since then. DigiTimes has tapped its sources to fill in the blanks, and it’s learned of a launch price and release time frame for an upcoming Dell low-cost notebook—almost certainly the Inspiron Mini.

DigiTimes says the system will launch in August with a price tag of only $299, which is about the same as what Asus charges for its cheapest Eee PCs with 7" displays. Judging by the official photos, Dell’s Inspiron Mini should have a larger display and a more comfortable keyboard, where letter keys will take more horizontal space than punctuation and function keys (albeit at the cost of a few layout oddities, like the quote/apostrophe key sitting below the period key).

Photos of the Inspiron Mini also have also revealed features like three USB ports, one Ethernet port, a VGA display output, a flash card reader, and standard headphone and microphone audio ports. Dell hasn’t announced specs yet, but the system could very well use Intel’s Atom processor like other recent subnotebooks. DigiTimes says its sources expect Dell to ship two to three million units this year alone.

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