XFX gives cash back to early GeForce GTX adopters

Users who purchased the first GeForce GTX 260 and 280 graphics cards probably aren't too thrilled about Nvidia cutting prices just three weeks after the launch. If you bought XFX variants of the cards, however, you may be in luck. XFX has announced that it plans to reimburse early adopters.

According to XFX's GeForce GTX cash back page, the card vendor will pay up to $120 to folks who bought one of its GeForce GTX cards between June 16—launch day—and July 11, a few days after the price drop took effect. XFX says the exact amount of the reimbursement will depend on "the model purchased, as well as the date and price of the purchase."

XFX's standard GeForce GTX 280 cost $649.99 at Newegg on June 17, and it's now available for $499.99. As for XFX's standard GeForce GTX 260, that card launched at around $399.99 and can now be nabbed for only $299.99. In other words, XFX's cash back move could see GTX 260 owners pocket the entire difference, but GTX 280 owners will still be $30 short even if they get the full $120.

XFX plans to announce more details about the cash back offer on its website "in the next few days." You can sign up to be notified here.

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