12-core Opterons to plug into elongated sockets

AMD recently added 12-core Opteron processors to its server roadmap, and those CPUs will call for a new Maranello platform with an updated socket. DailyTech has gotten some dirt on this new G34 socket, including a mechanical drawing that also shows future Socket G34 processors.

DailyTech says it counted 1974 pins on the socket diagram, which represents a 64% increase over the 1207-pin "F" socket of current Opterons. Surprisingly, G34 sockets and CPUs look a lot longer than they are wide—perhaps a design that will accommodate the aforementioned 12-core chips if they're based on two large six-core dies.

When it comes out in 2010, the Maranello platform will reportedly bring support for DDR3 memory and four-way HyperTransport 3.0 links. Matching processors will include Magny Cours, the 45nm 12-core part, and Sao Paulo, another 45nm offering with half as many cores. AMD plans to introduce six-core Opterons for its current server platform in the second half of next year, too.

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