Cheap Nehalem variants coming in the third quarter of 2009

Last month, we saw a purported Intel roadmap lay out Intel's plan for desktop variants of Nehalem. According to that roadmap, a 2.66GHz Bloomfield CPU will come out in the fourth quarter of this year at around $340, but Intel won't offer cheaper Nehalem variants until the second quarter of 2009.

The team at Chinese site Expreview has nabbed another roadmap that shows what Intel has in store after June 2009. If this new document is accurate, we'll see Nehalem-based Lynnfield and Havendale CPUs spread to lower price points in the third quarter of next year.

A slide that accompanies the roadmap says Lynnfield will be a quad-core processor with Hyper-Threading support, 8MB of cache, and dual-channel DDR3 memory support. The roadmap shows it positioned roughly between where the Core 2 Quad Q6600 lies today ($209.99) through to the top of Intel's "Performance" tier, where a yet-unreleased Core 2 Quad Q9650 will have filled in for about a year. An older report tell us the Core 2 Quad Q9650 will launch at $530 soon.

Further down the line, Intel will deliver a Havendale CPU with two cores, Hyper-Threading support, 4MB of cache, and two DDR3 channels. Pricing for Havendale processors will apparently range from where the Pentium E2200 sits now ($79.99) up to the same spot as an upcoming Core 2 Duo E8600. The rumor mill hints the E8600 will also launch soon at $266.

So, if this information is all accurate, dual-core/quad-thread Havendales will cost $80-266, and quad-core/eight-thread Lynnfields will range from $210 to $530. Bloomfield will take care of the high end of Intel's CPU line, thanks to its triple-channel DDR3 memory support and perhaps higher clock speeds.

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