Report: Bloomfield pricing to start at $284

Using roadmaps that have appeared these past few weeks, we've painted a rough picture of pricing estimates for future Intel Nehalem processors. Today, DigiTimes has tapped its informers to obtain proper pricing figures for the Bloomfield Nehalem variants that should show up later this year.

If DigiTimes' sources are correct, Intel will price the cheapest, 2.66GHz Bloomfield at just $284—about $56 cheaper than we estimated. The 2.93GHz Bloomfield model will go for $562, a tad more than what Intel's 2.83GHz Core 2 Quad Q9550 costs today. Perhaps most surprisingly, DigiTimes asserts that the 3.2GHz flagship Bloomfield offering will launch at $999, reverting Intel's recent habit of pricing its fastest Core 2 Extreme offerings at up to $1,500.

That last move is especially surprising if one considers that AMD probably won't have a competing CPU in that price range. Today, AMD's fastest Phenom processor runs at 2.6GHz and costs only $235.

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