AMD to reveal details on Atom killer in November

You can expect to hear AMD detail its strike plan against Intel’s Atom processor this November. According to Reg Hardware, new AMD CEO Dirk Meyer revealed this schedule yesterday after talking about the company’s latest quarterly results.

Reg Hardware reckons AMD will compete against Atom with the Bobcat core it announced a while back. In a presentation last summer, AMD stated that it would design Bobcat’s processor core from the ground up, and that the CPU would scale to power envelopes as low as 1W.

That said, another presentation slide slipped out last month showing what could be a different chip with the same goal. The slide described an AMD64 processor clocked at 1GHz with 256KB of L2 cache, an integrated DDR2-400 memory controller, an 800MHz HyperTransport link, and an 8W power envelope. DigiTimes later reported on a similar chip with a K8 core. Perhaps Bobcat is still on the horizon and AMD plans to go after Atom with a tweaked Athlon 64 core for now.

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