1. AnandTech's Intel desktop CPU and chipset roadmap (i830 Almador scrapped?)
  2. EB News has more on Almador
  3. From OCWorkBench: Intel DDR motherboards in December?
  4. The Register on 600 MHz G4 dual processor Macs with DDR memory
  5. Apple updates Darwin to version 1.2.1 with hints of x86 support@The Register
  6. Rambus to collect royalties from chipset makers (thanks Michael Peterson)
  7. Tech Extreme on media blunders
  8. Overclocked Cafe's 'Geek of All Trades'

  1. More from Tom's Hardware (thanks NeWs dAwG)
  2. The Tech Zone
  3. Game PC

  1. Da LAN Tech on basic network security
  2. LinuxLookup's Kona review (pre-built Linux machine)
  3. Digit-Life on Pentium 4 part I
  4. Pentium 4 part II@Digit-Life
  5. PC Critix reviews PCNut GHz+ TBird overclocking combo
  6. Sharky Extreme's low cost hi-end gaming PC

  1. Asus A7V 1005_03D bios
  2. Asus A7V Pro 1004F bios
  3. AcidHardware reviews DFI AK74-EC
  4. Apu's Hardware updates Abit KT7 & KT7-RAID FAQ

  1. Tranzmit's demos: MoViT final version by MoV and Eternal w/hardware T&L
  2. EXHardware reviews PowerColor Evil Kyro
  3. Trainwrecker reviews ATi Radeon 32MB DDR
  4. Apu's Hardware on making your own video RAM sinks
  5. The Adrenaline Vault reviews 'The Claw'
  6. Overclockers Online's introduction to PHP

  1. G3D's Alpha PEP66U fan adapter first look
  2. Overclockers Australia's Socket heatsink comparison
  3. PC Review on Case LED
  4. UK Gamer on frag tape
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