Firm follows in Psystar's footsteps, sets itself up for lawsuit

When a company like Psystar gets sued, you typically want to avoid doing whatever got them into trouble. However, a company called Open Tech Inc. has followed in Psystar's footsteps by announcing desktop PCs capable of running "Windows XP, Windows Vista, OSX Leopard, and Ubuntu 8.04."

As Engadget points out, Open Tech apparently thinks it can sidestep legal trouble from Apple by not actually bundling Mac OS X with the machines. The firm states in its online store, "OS X Leopard Will not be pre-installed or included. You can purchase an Open Tech compatible install disk from a third-party vendor install it your self using our Do-it-yourself kit."

Fair enough, but Apple didn't just sue Psystar for bundling OS X with plain PCs. The official complaint also attacks Psystar for infringing on Apple's copyrights, using its trademarks without authorization, and inciting users to break the OS X license agreement by installing the software on PCs—all of which Open Tech seems to be doing.

Considering Open Tech looks even less legit than Psystar initially did, though, there's always a chance the "Open Tech Computer 1.0" could be a simple hoax. The $620 system isn't available yet, and Open Tech lists an old Pentium D 945 processor among its specifications.

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