Western Digital's VelociRaptor heads to the enterprise

Three months after unveiling its 10,000-RPM VelociRaptor desktop hard drive, Western Digital has announced a version of the device aimed at servers. The new enterprise-bound VelociRaptor has the same 2.5" form factor as its desktop cousin, but it sheds the 3.5" IcePAK drive sled the latter uses to fit into standard desktop hard-drive bays. Thanks to its smaller footprint, the 2.5" drive can fit into more cramped spaces—WD mentions blade and 1U servers.

WD is introducing the 2.5" VelociRaptor in 300GB and 150GB variants, both of which feature the same 10,000-RPM spindle speeds, 16MB buffers, 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces, Native Command Queuing support, five-year warranties, and 1.4-million-hour Mean Time Between Failure ratings as the desktop models. Oddly, though, WD rates the enterprise drives for nominal average latencies of 3ms instead of 5.5ms, even though it says all VelociRaptors have the same seek times.

The 2.5" 300GB VelociRaptor is currently "under evaluation" with hardware makers, and WD says commercial distributors should start carrying the drive "by the end of the month."

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