'MacBook touch' to merge MacBook, iPhone concepts?

Could Apple be cooking up a tablet Mac with multi-touch functionality? That's what the folks at MacDailyNews have gathered from an informer who revealed details about the purported system.

MacDailyNews' source claims the "MacBook touch" will feature a 13.3" (or "possibly a bit smaller") display with an iPhone-style glass cover. The machine will run a full version of Mac OS X, but it will supposedly have access to the iPhone/iPod touch App Store, too. Other features will include an accelerometer, GPS, slot-loading DVD drive, and perhaps haptic touch-screen feedback. The source goes on to claim Apple will sell the system at a "low" price with tight margins in order to encourage uptake.

If this anonymous informant has his facts straight, we'll be seeing the system emerge "by October at the latest." And MacDailyNews suggests the source could indeed be right—the same person allegedly broke the news about the wireless iTunes Store a week before Apple's official announcement. Perhaps this device is the "new, unnamed product" with "features that others can't match" that Apple referred to earlier this week. (Thanks to Engadget for the tip.)

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