Intel pulling the Nehalem launch to September?

AMD just can't seem to get a break lately. According to DigiTimes, Intel has decided to bring forward the launch of its next-gen Nehalem processors to some time in September. The chip giant's previous roadmap reportedly called for a launch in November or December.

Quoting its usual sources at motherboard makers, DigiTimes goes on to say the September time frame will see Intel announce Bloomfield chips with accompanying X58 chipsets. However, the sources add that actual processors and motherboards won't appear in the distribution channel until "early October."

Going by a previous DigiTimes report, Intel is readying three Bloomfield CPUs: a 2.66GHz part priced at $284, a speedier 2.93GHz model costing $562, and a high-end 3.2GHz "Extreme" chip with a $999 price tag. When Anand Lal Shimpi from Anandtech posted preliminary benchmarks of the 2.66GHz Bloomfield, we worked out that the chip was about 33.5% faster clock-for-clock than a 2.66GHz Core 2 Quad Q9450—and that's in spite of problems with the early chip's memory controller.

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