iSuppli sees bright future for DisplayPort

Devices with HDMI connectivity have only been in the market for about five years, but already, the interface has gained a very strong following in high-def multimedia hardware like consoles, Blu-ray players, and HDTVs.

The Video Electronics Standards Association is aiming to replicate HDMI's success on the PC with DisplayPort, and DisplayPort-capable hardware has already started emerging. But can DisplayPort challenge HDMI? iSuppli seems to think so. The research firm has put together a report that states, "HDMI has been able to stave off any threat from DisplayPort, but that situation soon will change."

iSuppli believes PC makers will increase their adoption of the royalty-free interface, leading global shipments to rise from zero units in 2007 to 263.3 million in 2012. As for HDMI, iSuppli still expects a still-substantial jump from 193 million units in 2007 to 772.8 million in 2012. According to iSuppli, DisplayPort "will see some long-term success" as a successor to existing DVI and VGA interfaces. Along with featuring smaller connectors and longer, more flexible cables than DVI, DisplayPort supports higher bandwidth and thinner digital displays.

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