Classic HardOCP action in progress

While most of us ate turkey, turkey leftovers, leftover turkey sandwiches, and turkey loaf, Kyle at the HardOCP found a new way to abuse his PCs: BIOS hacks. The purpose of these hacks? To replace that little EPA/Energy Star logo with something more exciting. The results? Well, read Kyle's report:
Just like many of you, I freaking hosed my BIOS while dicking around with that EPA graphic program. Many of you had great luck with it, unlike myself. Bad thing was that I scorched 3 more BIOS chips after that! Just call me king of the hot flash. Think I must have gotten hold of a funky Award Flash cuz everything seemed to be going along fine. Well anyways, when I had finally run out of ABIT boards, I decided to give up. :)

Upon installing another board the ATA66 drivers hosed the whole OS. I am still scratching my head about that one. Anyways, six hours laters we are back up and running. Lost all my mail so if it was important you might want to send it again in the morning, did save a bit of it.

I've fried a BIOS before, and it's not something I'd toy with. Read all the gory details, including how to (possibly) succeed at replacing the EPA graphics, at the OCP.
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