Nvidia to introduce 55nm GeForce 9600 GTs silently

As we noted last week, GeForce 9800 GTX+ cards based on a 55nm version of Nvidia's G92 graphics processor have finally hit stores. You might now be wondering which Nvidia product will be next to adopt a 55nm GPU. According to Expreview, that next contender is none other than the GeForce 9600 GT.

The rumor mill has already spouted news of upcoming 55nm G94 graphics processors, so the GeForce 9600 GT seems like a logical target for a GPU die-shrink. Puzzlingly, however, Expreview claims Nvidia will release 55nm 9600 GTs in the coming weeks without even changing the product name. The Chinese site therefore expects 55nm and 65nm 9600 GTs with identical specifications to co-exist for some time.

Making the 55nm switch more covert might ensure that sales of GeForce 9600 GTs with 65nm GPUs don't suffer. Going by the shaky Google translation, though, Expreview predicts that Nvidia partners will eventually tap 55nm G94 chips to make higher-clocked 9600 GT variants.

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