Next-gen MacBooks to drop Intel chipsets?

During its latest financial conference call, Apple said it expects lower margins this fiscal quarter because of a “product transition.” Apple rumor sites have kicked into full swing trying to figure out what that transition will entail, and we recently heard a report Apple is cooking up an expensive-to-produce “MacBook touch”—supposedly a system not unlike a giant iPhone.

AppleInsider has now written about another possibility. In the site’s own words, Apple’s next generation of Macs “may sport some of the most significant architectural changes since the Mac maker made the jump from PowerPC [to x86 processor architectures].” Citing sources familiar with future Apple products, AppleInsider claims the upcoming MacBook refresh won’t be based on Intel’s Centrino 2 platform and chipsets. Rather, the chipset may come from either Apple itself or a third party, such as AMD or Nvidia.

Meanwhile, the folks at ComputerWorld have gotten wind of more general details about future MacBooks. The systems will reportedly be thinner than current offerings, and they’ll feature one-piece aluminum enclosures as well as glass trackpads. ComputerWorld expects Apple to introduce the new-and-improved MacBooks in late September.

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