Microsoft releases Mojave experiment videos

As expected, Microsoft has released details and videos of the Mojave marketing campaign we talked about last week. You’ll find everything on the official Mojave Experiment website, which includes an introductory “overview” video and around 50 individual video clips, plus a few miscellaneous Vista-related links.

According to the info page on the Mojave site, Microsoft polled 140 subjects in total. 84% of them were Windows XP users, while 22% used Mac OS, 14% ran a pre-XP version of Windows, and 1% were Linux users. On average, the company says subjects gave Windows Vista a 4.4/10 rating, but they rated “Mojave” 8.5/10 after seeing Microsoft’s demos—even though Mojave was in fact Vista.

Interestingly, many of the users in the videos seem to be aged over 30 and not exceedingly computer-literate. Perhaps that’s because Microsoft had a harder time fooling younger subjects: in one of the videos, a 20-something respondent comments, “I don’t know, there’s something fishy about this. . . . ‘Cause if it was a new OS, it’d look a hell of a lot different in my opinion. I’m getting the feeling here that this is Vista.”

Update: The percentages for different OS users on the Mojave info page add up to 121%, so Microsoft probably made a typo somewhere.

Update 08/01: Microsoft has updated the page to say some users ran multiple operating systems, as some readers suspected.

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