GeForce 9500 GT, 9800 GT escape into the wild

The GeForce GTX 200-series graphics cards have been out for over a month now, but Nvidia continues to build out its GeForce 9 lineup. Just this morning, the firm quietly released a pair of new graphics cards: the GeForce 9500 GT and the GeForce 9800 GT.

The GeForce 9800 GT is perhaps the least interesting, since it apparently has the exact same specs as the 8800 GT: 112 stream processors with a 600MHz core speed, 1500MHz shader speed, 256-bit memory interface, and 512MB of GDDR3 RAM clocked at 900MHz (1800MT/s). The two cards have near-identical single-slot coolers, as well.

At the more affordable end of the spectrum, Nvidia has added the GeForce 9500 GT. The GPU on this card features 32 stream processors and a 550MHz core speed, 1400MHz shader speed, and 128-bit memory interface. Nvidia quotes three different memory configurations for 9500 GT cards: 512MB of 500MHz DDR2, 256MB of 800MHz (1600MT/s) GDDR3, and 512MB of 800MHz GDDR3. (For reference, the GeForce 9600 GT has twice as many stream processors, higher clocks, a wider memory bus, and half a gig of memory by default.)

Two flavors of the 9500 GT have already appeared at Newegg: a $69.99 eVGA card with reference clocks, and an $89.99 Gigabyte variant with a 700MHz core speed. Both have 512MB of 800MHz GDDR3 RAM. More 9500 GTs are on the way, too: Palit has announced two variants, including one with 1GB of 800MHz DDR2 RAM and a passive cooler.

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