Buffalo preps Eee PC 901 flash storage upgrades

Asus has seduced many with its new Atom-powered Eee PC 901, but not everyone takes kindly to the laptop's 20GB storage capacity (or 12GB for the Windows version). Seeing an opportunity, Buffalo Technology plans to start selling Eee PC flash upgrades.

According to Japanese site PC Watch, Buffalo has whipped up two upgrade boards: the SHD-EP9M32G, which hosts 32 gigs worth of flash chips and costs 16,800 yen ($155), and the SHD-EP9M64G, which has twice as much storage capacity and a suggested retail price of 33,600 yen ($315). The site claims Buffalo will release the boards in the middle of September.

Buffalo's Japanese press release says the upgrade boards will combine with the Eee PC's built-in storage for a total capacity of up to 68GB. (The Eee PC 901 splits its storage between 4GB and 12/16GB modules.) We should point out that the Buffalo press release mentions only an "Eee PC 901-X," although teardown photos snapped by Bit-tech suggest the vanilla 901 could accommodate the upgrades, too.

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