Dell to take another stab at music players

The last Digital Jukebox player disappeared from Dell's website almost two years ago, and since then, Dell seemed to have pretty much given up on competing with the iPod. However, CNet News quotes a Wall Street Journal report that says Dell plans to give the concept another shot in the near future.

Dell has apparently been covertly testing a new music player for the past several months, and it could launch the device "as early as September." The player will cost less than $100 and feature Wi-Fi connectivity just like pricier Zune devices from Microsoft. In that price range, Dell would be competing with stripped-down iPod shuffles instead of full-fledged, hard-drive-toting iPod classics.

To accompany the player, CNet News says Dell will serve up an online music subscription service later this year. Word is that Dell has struck deals with online music providers that will allow customers to download and transfer songs between multiple devices "like PCs and cell phones." That part doesn't make a whole lot of sense, unless CNet News and the Wall Street Journal are actually talking about striking a deal with record labels.

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