Yahoo buckles, refunds users of doomed music service

Last week, Yahoo said its Yahoo Music copy-protection servers will go dark on September 30, and it urged users to burn their music to CDs so songs wouldn't subsequently become unplayable. That led to a backlash from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which demanded that Yahoo refund users and offer unprotected replacement tracks.

Surprisingly, Yahoo has done just that. According to the Associated Press, the web firm has announced that it's offering coupons and refunds to customers "on request." The coupons will allow users to get their music in DRM-free, MP3 format from the Rhapsody MP3 service. As part of a deal Yahoo struck when it decided to shut down Yahoo Music, RealNetworks' Rhapsody will fill in as a replacement for former Yahoo customers.

According to Yahoo's Rhapsody migration FAQ, customers should contact Yahoo customer care to get their refunds or coupons. Yahoo warns that the offer is only open until December 31, however.

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