Newegg goes to Canada

Good news for Canadian readers. After years of rumors, speculation, and crossed fingers, Newegg has publicly announced that it plans to open a branch in Canada. is already up, although there's nothing to buy there just yet—just a teaser page with some general information about the company.

The e-tailer boasts that it is the "second-largest online-only retailer in the US" and offers speedy delivery, but it doesn't discuss the logistics of the Canadian operation. We know Newegg currently has warehouses in California, New Jersey, and Tennessee, and a look at the e-tailer's careers page shows two openings for French-speaking customer service reps at one of the Californian warehouses. That suggests at least customer service will come from across the border. is apparently scheduled to open this year. You can subscribe to a mailing list to receive official news about the Canadian branch. (Thanks to TR reader drdillybar for the tip.)

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