Psystar gets ready to fight Apple in court

Despite the reputation Apple lawyers have earned for their tenaciousness, unlicensed Mac clone maker Psystar seems hopeful about a potential legal victory. ComputerWorld reports that Psystar has retained a law firm that beat Apple before in preparation for a battle in court.

As we've noted, Apple filed a lawsuit against Psystar earlier this month on grounds that the company infringed on its copyrights, violated its trademarks, and transgressed upon breach-of-contract and unfair-competition legislation. In response, Psystar has enlisted the services of Carr & Ferrell LLP, a law firm that successfully beat both Apple and Microsoft in spats over audio/video streaming patents. In both cases, Carr & Ferrell was on the side of the plaintiff—Californian company, which ended up getting settlements of $10 million from Apple and $60 million from Microsoft.

ComputerWorld says three Carr & Ferrell lawyers attended a filing on Monday to extend the deadline for Psystar's response to Apple. Both Psystar and Apple agreed to move that deadline to August 18.

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