Carmack talks Rage, Doom 4 at QuakeCon

Following QuakeCon custom, id Software's John Carmack has talked a little bit about id's next games at the ongoing multiplayer gaming event. This time, the discussion revolved around Rage and Doom 4. Shacknews says Carmack stated that Rage technology development is close to completion, while id's Tim Willits commented that the game will likely come out before 2011.

"We have very few things that are very significant left to be done [to the technology]. . . . We are 'light at the end of the tunnel,' going into the home stretch," Carmack revealed. Rage's game engine—a.k.a. id Tech 5—will get an updated animation system and tweaks to the MegaTexture technology, he added, but "the heavy lifting is mostly over." As for Willits, he noted that id will release Rage "when it's fun and when it's done." Responding to someone who asked whether the game would arrive in 2011, Willits said it's "not that far out."

What about Doom 4? Carmack apparently had fewer details to provide, but he did mention that the upcoming Doom sequel will have a more extensive multiplayer mode than its direct predecessor. Shacknews quotes Carmack as saying Doom 4 multiplayer will be a "much larger experience" than what id featured in Doom 3, and id has enough resources to create something "satisfying" this time. Earlier this month, Carmack also pointed out that Doom 4 will be more graphically impressive than Rage thanks to a lower frame-rate target.

If you're longing for some eye candy, you can check out the QuakeCon 2008 Rage trailer in both standard- and high-definition at Shackvideo.

Update: Carmack has gone into more detail about Doom 4, and he hints the title will have more in common with Doom 2 than Doom 3. In Carmack's words, as quoted by Shacknews, "It's not that you're running around frightened down to your last bullet [in Doom 4] . . . There will occasionally be that, but it should be much more of you winning, because that was always the point in Doom--you are the hero, and you are winning. You're going to beat back all the hordes of Hell using all the tools at your disposal."

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