Two "official" Pentium 4 reviews

Here we go. GamePC has posted their take on the highly anticipated Intel Pentium 4 1.4 and 1.5 Ghz processors:
Intel is ready to take back the speed crown. Before AMD's Athlon chip was released back in August of 1999, you would be hard pressed to find a worthwhile system without an Intel processor powering it. The Pentium, Pentium II, and Pentium III have all been tremendous successes for Intel, but as of the past six months, Intel has faltered more than a few times, leading some skeptics to believe that Intel's reign at the top was over.

The first mistake seemed to be the rapid transition to Rambus DRAM that Intel wanted to make, but the rest of the world wasn't ready for. Intel released the i820 and i840 chipsets, but both were incredibly unpopular due to the high prices of Rambus DRAM at that time. Workstation users quickly switched over to AMD's Athlon processor for high-speed processing power with a lower price tag.

Intel has realized they've made some very serious mistakes in the past, and have publically acknowledged them. Even though all these problems exist, there are still many devoted Intel-users out there, who have waited patiently for Intel's comeback chip. Intel doesn't plan to dissapoint. Meet the Pentium 4, the center of Intel's processor lineup for the next five years.

Thirteen pages with benchmarks. The memory performance is an eye-opener.

Not to be outdone, Digit-Life has posted part III of their look at the Pentium 4. Here are parts I and II if you missed them. Part III has got the pictures and benchmarks of the 1.4 GHz flavor (warning: long load time for 56K or less modems). For those of you who can't get enough of this stuff or are caught up in Pentium 4 mania, Intel has released their P4 / i850 manuals for your consumption. There is a list of PDFs over at

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