Graphics chip sales remained healthy last quarter

As it does every quarter, Jon Peddie Research has compiled a new set of numbers documenting quarterly graphics processor shipments. The research firm's latest data set spans the second calendar quarter of 2008, and it suggests graphics chips sold at a very healthy rate.

According to JPR, GPU shipments decreased only 0.49% compared to the first quarter—the smallest drop since 2001—and they went up by a "heartening" 16% compared to the same time period last year. Intel enjoyed the most significant year-over-year growth (46%), while Nvidia and AMD saw their shipments go up by 11.9% and 7.9%, respectively. Smaller graphics firms didn't have much luck prying sales away from the big players—their combined shipments tumbled by about 65% compared to Q2 2007.

JPR has worked out some market share numbers, too. AMD's share of all shipped GPUs went from 19.5% in Q2 2007 to 18.1% last quarter, while Nvidia's piece of the pie shrunk from 32.5% to 31.4%, and Intel's grew from 37.6% to 47.3%. We would advise against drawing hasty conclusions from the Intel numbers, since they tell us nothing about users who couple dedicated GPUs with Intel integrated graphics chipsets.

Looking forward, JPR expects AMD to make "impressive gains" this quarter. Considering the attractive positioning of AMD's Radeon HD 4000-series desktop cards and the company's claimed notebook GPU design wins, we wouldn't be surprised to see AMD do well, either.

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