Monday Shortbread


  1. TG Daily reports AMD Fusion details leaked: 40 / 32nm, dual-core CPU, RV800 graphics
  2. Fudzilla reports Nvidia having issues with desktop GPUs as well
  3. Apple to launch the iPhone 'nano' in time for Christmas
  4. Jon Peddie Research: overall GPU market dropped 0.5% from Q1 2008
  5. Eee PC 900A listed for sale on Euro site (write-up in French)
  6. Cooling-Station introduces BenchCharts (write-up in German)

  1. Custom PC reports Nvidia to release GPU PhysX pack this week
  2. ATi-Forum reports AMD Catalyst 8.8 brings significant performance upgrades
    for RV770 in CrossFire (write-up in German)
  3. TG Daily reports Apple preps fifth Leopard update with more than 80 patches
  4. Ars Technica's guide to virtualization: part I
  5. Phoronix reports OpenGL benchmarking on Linux reaches new heights
  6. Digital Trends on the top 15 iPhone apps
  7. Intel Wi-Fi driver

  1. AnandTech, C|Net,, PC Perspective, and Techgage
    have Intel Larrabee architecture overviews
  2. ThinkComputers reviews ASRock P45R2000-WiFi
  3. Björn3D reviews Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6
  4. DriverHeaven's XFX motherboards roundup
  5. DragonSteelMods review 8GB Kingston microSDHC card
  6. PCGH's pixel shader shootout: RV770 vs. GT200
  7. Guru3D reviews Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT Silent Heatpipe
  8. Legit Reviews on Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT
  9. Technic3D reviews SteelSeries 7G gaming keyboard (in German)
  10. Tech ARP's road trip review madness
  11. Computing on Demand reviews Eagle Consus N-Series SATA to USB external storage system
  12. Benchmark Reviews on SilverStone SST-TS01B RFID 2.5" external storage
  13. Overclockers Club reviews Tagan Icy Box IB-3218 Series external hard drive enclosure
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