Xbox 360 Arcade dipping to $199.99 next month?

After the Xbox 360's descent from $349.99 to $299.99, will we see the stripped-down Xbox 360 Arcade fall from $279.99 to a lower, more enticing price? Gaming site VGChartz has come upon evidence that strongly suggests so.

Crediting an anonymous reader for the discovery, the site displays a photo of a stock inquiry screen for the Xbox 360 Arcade. The tipster took care to obscure the company name on the screen, but we can clearly see a "Next promo price" field with 199.99 written next to it. To the right, the numbers "09/07/08" follow a matching "Date" field, hinting that the price cut is just over a month away.

VGChartz seems to believe in the photo's authenticity. The report points out that September 7 lies roughly between the initially Xbox 360-exclusive releases of Infinite Undiscovery and Rock Band 2, so that time could be ripe for a sales-spurring move from Microsoft. (Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.)

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