Cheaper Radeon HD 4000 cards coming in September

AMD will delve to lower price points with new, lower-end Radeon HD 4000-series graphics card next month. Bit-Tech has learned straight from the horse's mouth that AMD is cooking up the RV710 and RV730 graphics chips for release in that time frame.

The report doesn't quote many details, although it does say at least the RV710 will support Hybrid CrossFire technology. Hybrid CrossFire allows one to pair a low-end discrete GPUs with the integrated graphics in AMD's 780G and 790GX chipsets in order to gain performance.

Bit-Tech didn't learn specific names or price tags, but it predicts the RV710 and RV730 might compete against Nvidia's newly released GeForce 9500 GT and 9800 GT. The 9500 GT can be nabbed for around $70, while the 9800 GT is essentially a re-badged GeForce 8800 GT and is available for $160. AMD's cheapest 4000-series card right now is the RV770-based Radeon HD 4850, which Newegg sells for as little as $170.

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