Micron's dual Socket 370 Samurai DDR chipset

If this AKIBA PC Hotline! story is to be believed, Japanese store "User's Side" is demoing a dual Socket 370 motherboard based on Micron's Samurai DDR chipset. Before you get too excited, this is strictly an engineering sample. Even the PC2100 128MB ECC CAS 2.5 DDR memory stick has an engineering sample sticker on it. Dubbed "Lincoln," this motherboard sports four memory banks, one AGP Pro slot, and two 64-bit PCI slots. It is clearly aimed as a solution for servers. Here is a picture of the dual sockets. Looking more closely at the motherboard itself reveals an original Micron NorthBridge coupled with a VIA SouthBridge. The new VIA VT8231 SouthBridge (which may permit onboard LAN) is believed to be the follow-up to VIA's VT82C686 series of SouthBridges. This gives further credence to an EETIMES story on Micron's shift to a NorthBridge only strategy. Together with Pentium 4, are we witnessing an Intel resurgence?

The article also says that another store is expecting the IWill KA266-R motherboard to come in next week. This is believed to be an engineering sample as well. According to IWill Japan, they expect retail versions of the KA266-R motherboard to hit the Japanese market in the beginning of December.

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