Site builds Nehalem-based PC, takes pictures

Come the fourth quarter of this year (or September, depending on who you listen to), some of us will be building PCs with Intel's next-gen Nehalem processors. You don't have to wait until then to see what building a Nehalem-based desktop PC will be like, though. The Maximum PC team has secured pre-release hardware from Intel and gone about the task, taking plenty of pictures along the way.

For their build, the Maximum PC guys used a 2.93GHz Bloomfield quad-core CPU as well as an Intel D58XSO motherboard. The board's LGA1366 socket looks a little larger than the current LGA775 and requires bigger heatsinks. To emphasize those points, the article shows pictures of LGA1366 and LGA775 coolers, sockets, and motherboards next to each other.

Speaking of the mobo, the D58XSO also has four DIMM slots, which Intel matches to the Bloomfield CPU's triple-channel DDR3-1333 memory controller by tying the third and fourth slots to the same channel. We can also spot a rather beefy chipset cooler, not to mention a complete lack of legacy ports (not even a single PS/2 port) on the I/O plate.

Check out the full article for photos of the hardware and screenshots of the system up and running. Don't look for benchmarks, though; Maximum PC says Intel didn't allow it to report any.

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