AMD intros FirePro graphics cards for professionals

Those who work in professional graphics and computer-aided design now have another line of graphics cards to choose from. AMD has introduced two professional graphics cards under a new umbrella: the FirePro seriesĀ  The cards cards include the ATI FirePro V5700, which will come out in September at $599, and the FirePro V3700, which AMD says is already "generally available" at $99.

Despite the relatively high asking price, the FirePro V5700 doesn't dazzle with its specifications. AMD outfits the card with 320 stream processors, 512MB of memory (with bandwidth of just 29GB/s), one DVI output, and dual DisplayPort outputs. The cheaper FirePro V3700 features only 40 SPs, 256MB of memory (with paltry 15GB/s bandwidth), two DVI connections, and one VGA output. That said, both offerings have Shader Model 4.1 support and 30-bit display engines, and FireGL-series cards with better specs cost far more.

AMD's press release quotes Dell Product Group Director Antonio Julio as saying FirePro cards will soon make their way into Dell Precision workstations. Dell already offers AMD FireGL professional GPUs in some of those systems.

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