OCZ flaunts 8GB, 16GB DDR2 memory kits

Now that mainstream users are starting to flock towards 64-bit desktops with 4GB of RAM, some enthusiasts will be looking for new ways to stay ahead of the curve. Luckily, memory makers are right there with them. OCZ has introduced a batch of four new DDR2 memory kits that feature meaty 8GB and 16GB densities.

OCZ bases the kits on 4GB memory modules, so even the 16GB pack only features four DIMMs. Specs-wise, the firm isn't aiming for anything outlandish: all modules run at 800MHz, have CAS5 latencies, and only need a standard 1.8V of juice to function. Exact timings range from 5-4-4-18 on the "P45 Special" Platinum 8GB Edition to 5-6-6-18 for the "P45 Special" Vista Upgrade 16GB Quad Kit. OCZ is also launching 8GB Gold and 8GB Vista Upgrade kits.

If you're wondering about the "P45 Special" in the product names, OCZ says it uses that label because the DIMMs are "optimized specifically for Intel's latest chipset." P45 or not, you'll probably want to double-check motherboard compatibility before splurging for these kits. Also, we should mention that memory support tops out at 16GB for Windows Vista Home Premium x64 and 8GB for Windows Vista Home Basic x64.

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