Samsung teams up with Microsoft to speed up SSDs

Last month, SanDisk CEO Eli Harari complained that Windows Vista isn't tweaked to take proper advantage of solid-state drives. Harari went on to say SanDisk was cooking up a new generation of SSDs to get around the problem.

As PC World reports, Samsung has echoed SanDisk's complaint, but it's going about the resolution a different way. The Korean giant has announced that it's talking with Microsoft over improving Windows SSD performance. As part of their collaboration, the two companies will reportedly try finding data packet sizes best suited to SSDs. Forward Insights analyst Gregory Wong gave PC World more details on the issue:

There is a mismatch in the way Windows Vista handles data sizes on hard drive and SSDs, Wong said. Vista has been optimized to handle hard-drive data in smaller chunks. In contrast, the sector size -- also known as page size -- of SSDs are larger than hard drive sector sizes. That results in inefficient SSD performance when slotted into a disk drive bay, Wong said.

"My guess is that [Samsung and Microsoft] are maybe working on the OS recognizing an SSD with a 4K-byte sector size instead of a hard disk drive with a 512-byte sector size," Wong said.

Samsung recently started producing 128GB solid-state drives. The company intends to launch a 256GB SSD before the end of the year, and it expects SSD sales to grow to eight times their current level by 2010.

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