Nehalem to hit the market as ‘Core i7’?

For at least a couple of years now, Intel has been referring to its next-generation architecture as "Nehalem." The rumor mill suggests Nehalem will debut in the form of Bloomfield desktop chips, followed by Lynnfield, Havendale, Clarksfield, and Auburndale CPUs for low-end desktops and notebooks. Those are all code names, however. What brand will Intel actually slap on Nehalem product boxes?

Reporters at Chinese site Expreview claim to have the answer. They’ve posted two glossy product logos emblazoned with the words, "Core i7 inside™." The logos have the same shapes and layouts as existing Core 2 and Pentium labels, but they’re glossier and feature shiny blue and black gradient patterns.

Core i7 doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but then again, it’s a tad less redundant than "Core 2 Duo"—especially for Italian speakers. As for why Intel chose the "i7" suffix, that could have to do with the chipmaker’s old naming scheme: following the i486, the original Pentium could’ve been called i586, while P6-class chips from the current Core series might have been known as i686. The i786 moniker seems like it could be next in line, but who knows where that would leave the Pentium 4 and Itanium?

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