Friday night topic: The Olympics are here

Well, whatever you think about China hosting the Olympics, the time is here. I've not watched them yet, but I understand the opening ceremonies were very impressive. I guess I'll have a look, but "stadium spectacles" have never really been my cup of tea, to say the least.

As expected, we've seen a measure of controversy and protest as the games have kicked off, including stories of excessively invasive government questioning of the press, web censorship, and pollution. Even though I'm generally on the side of freedom and clean air, though, I have to admit that seeing the pictures of U.S. athletes departing their plane in masks was embarrassing. How insulting and silly. If we do manage to nudge China in the direction of freedom, human rights, and environmental responsibility, it will be in spite of such antics, not because of them.

Meanwhile, I understand there are some athletic competitions scheduled to take place. Those could be interesting. Looking forward to any particular events? Do you think the Chinese will contend in the medal count race?  Discuss.

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