Intel officially confirms 'Core i7' branding for Nehalem

The rumors we heard on Friday were apparently true. Intel has sent out a press release saying its next-generation Nehalem processors will indeed bear the Core i7 brand—at least, some of the chips will.

Intel Corporation announced today that desktop processors based on the company’s upcoming new microarchitecture (codenamed "Nehalem") will be formally branded "Intel® Core™ processor." The first products in this new family of processors, including an "Extreme Edition" version, will carry an "i7" identifier and will be formally branded as "Intel® Core™ i7 processor." This is the first of several new identifiers to come as different products launch over the next year.

Intel goes on to explain that the Core i7 badge will go on "high-performance desktop PCs with a separate black logo for Intel’s highest-end 'Extreme Edition.'" The first Nehalem CPUs are still on track to hit production "in the fourth quarter of this year."

If we mix rumors with official information, Intel's announcement suggests the Core i7 brand will apply to Bloomfield chips, which will supposedly launch later this year with prices tags ranging from $284 to $999. Mobile and low-end desktop derivatives should follow in the third quarter of next year, and the wording of Intel's press release hints they might have different brand names.

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