As I said in the podcast, both Cyril and Geoff will be on vacation this week (along with our biz guy Adam, actually), so you'll be stuck with me instead. Not only that, but I'm on deadline today, trying to finish up an article, so the news may not be flowing as freely as usual.

But, eh, you never know.

This week is further complicated by the fact that, on Saturday morning, I celebrated the one-week anniversary of the onset of massive back spasms with no relief yet. Saturday night, I looked in the mirror with my shirt off and realized that my entire torso was markedly bowed to one side, like, er, a bow. Apparently the strained muscle in my back is sufficiently tensioned to pull the entire spine off to the left. One shoulder is visibly lower than the other, and one hip is higher than the other one. In between, asymmetrical curvature. If I stand upright and let my arms hang down beside me, one palm rests on my hip and the other one hangs three to four inches out into space.


The doctor says this sort of thing is not unusual with a back strain, but it's still kinda freaking me out.  (Not to mention the, you know, white-hot, electric pain that comes with the back spasms.) I'm going to visit him and demand large, hard-to-swallow pills containing insanely powerful drugs to make the pain melt away.

I figure the news posts by mid-week should be really interesting around here.

In the meantime, if you see any interesting news out there this morning, feel free to send it along. I'll do a post if I can.

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