You know, our podcast is pretty OK, really

Did you know we have a podcast?  Seriously, we do.  In fact, we've recorded quite a few episodes now, and I think we're getting better at this.

We still need two things, though.

First, we need those of you who simply don't listen to these here newfangled podcast thingies to give our version a whirl.  If you enjoy reading the site, you might be surprised to find yourself enjoying the podcast.  These things are ideal entertainment for when you're otherwise occupied but not fully engaged—say, when you're exercising, doing yard work, commuting, or just out on a date.  It's great to have something to listen to while you pass the time, and if you're into computers, hey, it's probably better than another hour of sports radio or an extended NPR feature on how a Nicaraguan woman found self-actualization by aiding the Sandinistas.  At least download the file into your MP3 whatchamagizzer device (or just hit "play" in your web browser) and give it a try.

Second, we're still looking for a podcast sponsor to keep this thing going.  We aren't asking for much, but we need to pay the bills, so we're willing to offer a title sponsorship, like a radio show would do.  We'd also offer air time between segments for commercials, and we'd even help produce the spots if needed.  On top of that, we'll force Jordan to voice cheesy endorsement segments for you, which is totally worth the price by itself, just for the comedy value.

If you are (or your employer is) interested in sponsoring the podcast, please shoot us some email and we'll talk turkey.  Thanks.

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