Intel unforks USB 3.0, world rejoices

Apparently backing down from its prior stance, Intel has released its USB 3.0 xHCI specification. If you'll recall, Intel was originally criticized for keeping its USB 3.0 spec away from competitors, resulting in a possible forking of the spec and an "Intel vs. world" scenario where AMD, Via and others threatened to co-develop a more open USB 3.0. Intel has now more or less agreed that idea was sillypants, and has unveiled a royalty-free draft specification.

USB 3.0 will be dubbed SuperSpeed USB (though everyone will probably still just call it USB 3.0) and promises 5Gbps of bandwidth. Of course, given how eSATA is quickly becoming the weapon of choice for external storage solutions, one has to wonder whether we needed the extra bandwidth or not. I'm sure some Fatal1ty-branded "gamer's mouse" will prove us all horribly wrong, though.

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