Lian Li : void your Xbox warranty to avoid heat issues

In a bizarre sales pitch, the folks at Lian Li have introduced what looks like a very nice PC chassis.... for the Xbox 360. Yep, the PC-XB01 is a PC-style mini-tower enclosure intended for Microsoft's game console. Why would anyone want this? Following their reasoning with me, if you will. From the press release:

The Lian Li PC-XB01 is the perfect complement to the Xbox 360 to alleviate heating issues. The stylish exterior gives your product a sense of class and will fit in with almost any living room environment. Microsoft Inc is very strict on warranties, so it should be noted that you will not be able to return your product if you use the Lian Li PC-XB01 alternative. With that being said, you are less likely to have overheating.

So you're playing Russian roulette, but the gun has more chambers for the same bullet! Sweet.

The chassis itself does look nice. For, you know, a PC. I would suggest just building a new PC in a nice Lian Li case, but to each his own, I suppose.

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