What's the optimal Folding client combo?

Team TR's Folding production has been moving upward since our recent call to arms, I'm happy to report.

But, I must sheepishly admit that I haven't been Folding on my main PC since building myself a new system. I'd like to install the right clients on my PC and schedule them to run when I'm not around, but I have an honest question that some other folks seem to be asking, too. Here it is:

My PC has a multi-core (quad Core 2, in my case) processor and a graphics card (Radeon HD 3850 512MB) capable of running the Folding@Home GPU client. What mix of clients should I be installing to get the most points out of this box? One instance of the SMP client and one of the GPU client? Two SMP and one GPU? Or is that too much?

How would things change if I had a dual-core CPU?

Also, if I want to schedule the clients to start and stop a certain times of the day, does that complicate matters?

We need to have a clear sense of what folks should be running so we can encourage best practices and max points. Team leaders and other vets, what do you recommend? Any installation tips to make the best combos work together smoothly? Thanks.

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