HP orders up Nano processors

DigiTimes says HP has recently placed orders for the new Nano processor from Via. That raises the intriguing question of whether HP plans to use those CPUs in a follow-up to the excellent Mini-Note 2133 or just intends to stuff them into cheap desktops and the like.

DigiTimes doesn't know, but it does note that HP has already ordered 500,000 Via C7-M processors, which indicates they're planning to sell half a million Mini-Notes by the end of the year.  That sort of success might spur further consideration of Via CPUs, although the rumblings I've heard are not so optimistic. Intel has snagged a long string of design wins for its Atom processors in "netbook" systems from nearly every contender of note.

However, we found that the Nano can be quite a bit faster than the Atom, and it might be better suited to a more full-featured netbook-type system as a result. The Nano is also purportedly a drop-in, pin-compatible replacement for the C7, so making the change should be a snap for HP, too. We shall see....

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