New OCZ SSDs are fast, can store up to 250GB

OCZ has always had a somewhat hyperactive approach to new product introductions, but this latest launch is surprising even by their standards. Just a month and a half after announcing its Core Series solid-state drives, OCZ has returned with... second-generation Core Series SSDs.

No, we're not kidding. The new Core Series V2 drives are coming out with capacities of up to 250GB, double that of the highest-capacity Core Series offering that launched in July. Performance has increased, too, albeit not as dramatically: OCZ quotes a jump from 143 to 170MB/s for reads, from 93 to 98MB/s for writes, and from less than 0.35 ms to 0.2-0.3 ms for seeks. Incidentally, the new drives sport mini-USB ports so users can upgrade the firmware "in the field."

OCZ doesn't say when Core Series V2 products will surface—or how much you can hope to pay for one. The company does mention pricing of "50% less . . . per gigabyte than other high speed offerings currently on the market." However, the 250GB Core V2 SSD has already popped up on a European price search engine at €1,170-1,190, so pricing north of $1,000 on this side of the Atlantic seems likely.

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