Intel abandons 'Centrino Atom' branding

The Centrino Atom brand has met an early demise, according to a report by PC World. Citing Intel itself as the source of the obituary, the tech site says the chipmaker has retired the brand amid fears of consumer confusion.

Intel first publicly revealed the Centrino Atom name in March, using it to define the Menlow MID platform. Menlow couples low-power Atom Z500-series CPUs with Poulsbo chipsets, and it has both a smaller footprint and lower power consumption than the Atom N200-series/945GC combo that graces Eee PCs and other netbooks.

According to PC World, Intel doesn't want consumers scratching their heads wondering why the Centrino Atom label applies to Atom MIDs but not Atom netbooks. (After all, the Centrino brand has been synonymous with laptops for years.) In the end, Intel has reportedly told hardware makers to stick the standard Atom badge on Menlow-powered MIDs. The chipmaker hasn't yet taken down the Centrino Atom page from its website, though.

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