Kingston wants to save the planet with smaller DIMMs

Switching to "green" products is the hip thing to do lately, especially with the looming climate crisis and soaring oil prices. Kingston is right there with Al Gore and pals, but it's going about planet-saving in a somewhat unusual way.

The memory company has announced a new line of DDR2 modules that feature... shorter printed-circuit boards. These "Very Low Profile" modules are just 18.3mm (0.72") tall—about 40% shorter than Kingston's standard-height DIMMs. Kingston claims the move reduces industrial waste and provides "lower heat diffusivity" while maintaining compatibility with JEDEC standards (and, most importantly, users' PCs).

Expect to see VLP modules emerge first in Kingston's ValueRAM unbuffered DDR2 series, with system-specific memory offerings to follow. The company mentions DDR2-800 and DDR2-667 models, although it doesn't specify exactly which products will appear in truncated form.

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