New Microsoft ad campaign to star Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates

Microsoft plans to strike back at Apple's smug "Get a Mac" ads with a major advertising campaign of its own. The Wall Street Journal has the scoop, but Engadget has posted a summary that doesn't require you to pay for access.

The Microsoft ad campaign will cost a staggering $300 million, and it will star both Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld (who, by the way, will pocket $10 million for his trouble). Microsoft will apparently play on the slogan, "Windows, Not Walls," and emphasize the need to "break down barriers that prevent people and ideas from connecting." Redmond's spiel will also include elements from the Mojave experiment, likely in an attempt to prove Vista isn't as bad as everyone's been saying for the past year and a half.

Look for the ads to start interrupting your favorite TV shows on September 4.

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