Friday night topic: Shaving

So I was shaving this morning.  Had a little zit on my chin and a brand-new blade in the razor.  Shaved that puppy clean off.  Yuck.

Anyhow, that got me to thinking about shaving matters.  I'm firmly a non-electric guy, and I consider shaving one of the day's little pleasures.  I'm pretty simple about it, though.  I'm good with a Sensor Excel or a Mach 3 (can't decide which is best) and some Edge gel or the like.  I know some folks are into M3 vibrating doohickeys or super-premium blades and preparations.  What do you use to shave?  Any odd stories or warnings to relate?  (Don't mistake your razor for your toothbrush, even for a moment, no matter how early it is.)  Do you use one of those funny pens to stop the bleeding of nicks or cuts?


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