Lenovo quietly readies ThinkPad X200 tablet

The ThinkPad X200 went on sale less than three weeks ago, mixing a 12" display and tight form factor with goodies like 45nm Core 2 processors, DDR3 memory, and solid-state storage. Lenovo's latest baby has generated a fair amount of buzz, but even before the launch, gadget blogs were posting rumors about a tablet version of the laptop.

Today, we see the teams at Engadget and Tablet PC Review have both secured proof of the tablet X200's existence. The former nabbed an FCC document that refers to a ThinkPad X200 Tablet Series. The diagram in the document doesn't reveal much about the tablet X200's look, but luckily, Tablet PC Review has come upon a photo of the system in the wild.

This shot has the "leaked photo" look complete with camera-phone noise and low contrast, but it still gives a reasonably clear look at the system. Compared to the existing ThinkPad X61 Tablet, the X200 Tablet looks a little smaller and more compact, with a very narrow palm rest and no ThinkPad logo at the bottom. The display bezel and hinge look similar, but the buttons at the bottom of the bezel seem more discreet on the X200.

Neither site says when the X200 Tablet will come out or how much it will cost. If the machine's already hit the FCC, though, chances are we'll find out soon.

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