Broadband Canadian style

Saw up on /. that the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission) is considering making high speed internet access an 'essential service.' Because businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on broadband and services may not be living up to their advertised potential, the CRTC is possibly looking to develop a standard that broadband providers must adhere to.
At issue is whether high-speed Internet access should be regulated like basic local telephone service. The CRTC sets minimum standards for local phone service because it is deemed essential to the quality of life in Canada.

High-speed Internet access isn't as ubiquitous as the telephone, but if Canada is to stay competitive in the global digital marketplace, there is a feeling among some that the regulator should set minimum requirements for high-speed Internet.

Sounds like a good idea to me. I use my phone only a couple of times a week, but my computer is online all the time. Some interesting information on the increasing popularity of broadband in Canada, as well: looks like 41% of Canadian Internet users will have nice, fat pipes by 2002. Check out the full story at The Star here... eh.
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