Galaxy slaps Atom processor on ATX motherboard

When you think of Intel's Atom processor, you think of small-form-factor desktops and teeny laptops. That's how Intel is marketing the chip, and that's how most hardware manufacturers are using it. However, Chinese site Expreview has spotted an outlier: a full-sized ATX motherboard with an Atom processor soldered onto it.

A quick Google search suggests the company behind the board is none other than Galaxy Technology. Expreview's photos show a pretty unremarkable board layout with two memory slots, four Serial ATA ports, one PCI Express x16 slot, five PCI slots, and a lone VGA port on the I/O plate.

What's striking about the board is just how positively tiny the Atom CPU looks in context, though. The entire chip package seems to take up about as much space as the motherboard's CMOS battery. According to Expreview's description, this particular Atom variant runs at 1.6GHz and comes paried with a 945GC chipset, so the board seems like a distant cousin of Intel's Mini-ITX BOXD945GCLF.

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